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Master your Mindset
and Level-up your Personal and Professional Leadership

Athena Leadership Coaching will help you create and live your best life.


Authentic. Intuitive.

Jessica brings over 26 years of law enforcement experience to her leadership coaching.  She earned her master’s degree in Leadership from St. Mary’s College with an emphasis on coaching and facilitation. Jessica developed and implemented a manager-as-coach approach to leadership development in her department and has since presented her work at the Columbia University Coaching Conference, the International Leadership Association Conference and the Women Leaders in Law Enforcement Symposium.


Jessica combines her work experience with her education to provide organizational leadership coaching and group training to front line staff, mid-level and executives, to achieve more effective communication skills, higher self-awareness and increase emotional intelligence.

She leads with authenticity, compassion and vision and thoroughly enjoys people development.

It matters not how straight the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley

Coaching Focus

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Career Coaching &

Promotional Preparation 

You can't promote yourself. What you CAN do is be the best version of yourself as possible. Everyone knows it is hard to talk about yourself in an interview. Discover your strengths and what sets you apart from the competition and nail your next interview.

Supervisory Leadership & Management

Supervisory Leadership

& Management

Leading people is one of the most important roles you will ever have. Discover how you can improve upon those skill sets, inspire people through a shared vision, coach and mentor others to achieve total personal and professional development and stay accountable.

Professional Leadership



Learn tools and communication strategies to achieve a more authentic self and increase your effectiveness in your various life roles. Self leadership is intrinsic to everything else you do. Get clear about what you really want and take action to make it happen.

Success Stories

With Jessica’s coaching and mentoring, I better understand my leadership style and how to optimize it to achieve both immediate and long-term career goals. I also found Jessica’s program and coaching techniques to have augmented my professional and personal growth – to a higher degree than any other leadership programs I have attended. Jessica has enhanced my understanding of my strengths, blind spots, and communication style, which increased my ability to see the same in others and manage, lead and coach more effectively. I would encourage anyone second-guessing themselves about getting a coach not to think twice. Best thing I ever did for myself!

Lieutenant from a Bay Area police department

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